SPACE Magazine x Felix Graf

One of our most prestigious projects of the last year has also attracted international attention.
The English "SPACE Magazine" writes in their article about the unique and stylish atmosphere at Swissotel Kursaal Bern, introducing the hotel to their global readers.

SPACE is a well-known magazine that aims to give everyone involved in hotel design, development and architecture an insight into the exciting and ever-evolving world of international hotel design.

Published six times a year by the editors of Hotel Spec, the world's leading guide to hotel design, architecture and development, it is a natural complement to this iconic and globally recognized brand.

Each issue of SPACE focuses on a series of outstanding hotel projects from around the world, showcasing ideas, innovative architecture and design creativity. It offers insight into current and future developments in hotel interiors, architectural trends and project development around the world.

Read the SPACE Magazine article here: page 1 , page 2, page 3

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