Buzzing and humming at Felix Graf

When it hums and buzzes on the factory premises of Felix Graf GmbH, in the future it will not only be because production is running at full speed: we have expanded our team by several tens of thousands of bees.

The bee colonies we have adopted, which have been on the company premises since May, are among our most hard-working employees. Not only do they produce delicious honey, but they pollinate more than 80% of the native flowering plants that depend on insect pollination. Thus, bees play an irreplaceable role in the ecological balance.

But unfortunately the number of these so important helpers is decreasing: In 1950 there were still about 2,000,000 bee colonies in Germany, today there are only about 800,000.
That is why it is so important to stand up for their protection. With our "factory bees" we want to make a valuable contribution to environmental and species protection.

Benedikt Oswald, a member of the Graf family, brought the two colonies to us and will continue to look after them in the future. But the relocation was not so easy, as the experienced hobby beekeeper explains: "Once a year, the old queen leaves the old hive together with half of the colony and goes in search of a new home. In this case, it was an oak tree 200 meters from the old hive. There the bees made themselves comfortable at a height of 7 meters. Equipped with a spray bottle, I sprayed the swarm with water and then caught it in a bucket, which of course was not without danger at that height."

The captured colonies were then relocated to their new boxes on our premises, where they are now diligently going about their work, surrounded by forest and meadow.
The resulting honey will sweeten the daily lives of our nearly 60 employees in the future.

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Buzzing and humming at Felix Graf


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