Take a look behind the scenes!

"How is furniture created?" "What is involved in planning hotel furnishings?"
The students of the Perlesreut elementary and secondary school asked themselves these questions and therefore set off for our company on Thursday, June 30. They were allowed to take a look behind the scenes.

After they arrived at our company, the tour started with a short presentation in which the students got a good overview of important information about our company. This was followed by a detailed tour of our company, during which we were able to give the students a comprehensive insight from the planning stage to the production of the furniture. However, the students were most interested in the production department, where they were able to follow the production process of our furniture. Here we were able to show them what can be created from a raw material such as wood. From cutting to surface finishing and assembly, everything was included. When the tour was over, we continued with a question and answer session, during which the students showed their great interest in our production and current projects and were able to ask questions. After a small snack, the students got ready for the return journey.

After such a successful meeting, we look forward to welcoming interested visitors to our company in the future!

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