More added value, lower costs

It’s quite simple: The whole is more than the sum of its parts if the individual trades are centrally planned and coordinated from day one. As part of our project management service, we are able to tailor all aspects of the interior to your needs, from the foyer to the restaurant, suites and rooms, all in the very highest quality.

Expert consulting

We support you in turning initial ideas and drafts from planners and building owners into concrete plans, as well as guiding the project towards efficient implementation from the very beginning with consulting discussions, workshops and by providing samples.

Planning support

We help develop existing drafts and plans into working drawings in close cooperation with planners and building owners.

Electrical installations

The right socket in the right position. No redundant fixtures, no coordination problems.

Drywall construction

Perfect coordination on site of all other fittings from day one.


The entire range of natural wood, stone, ceramic and textile flooring, all from one single source.

Loose furniture

Series-produced furniture or specially-made one-of-a-kind items in all materials and sizes, built to match the style of the building.

Technical devices

Manufacturer-independent integration of building technologies and air conditioning in line with the design.

Decoration and accessories

An immaculately selected range of textiles and materials, exclusively arranged and tailored to your space.


Standing, wall and ceiling-mounted lighting, direct or indirect lighting systems for individual rooms or entire areas.

Painting work

Painting, wallpaper, stucco or unusual wall and ceiling designs.


General contractor

We take responsibility, you take confidence.

As general contractor we offer all services surrounding the interior fit-out from one single source and with only one fixed contact – no matter whether you are planning the interior of a new structure or renovating an existing one. As part of this, we can take on the realisation of full projects or sub-areas of larger projects.